[Beowulf] Is Crowd Computing the Next Big Thing?

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My question re financial viability was prompted by this statement in the Neocortix article:

“And phone owners could be paid for the service to rent out their phones’ computing capacity. Neocortix claims on their website that top users can earn up to $80 a year for a phone that’s engaged in computing for 8 hours a day; if available for 24 hours, it can earn up to $240 a year.”

So that works out to around US$0.023/hour.

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The technology for this type of distributed computing already has a large community.
The BOINC Project (Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing) has existed since 2002 and allows people to donate idle computing time to large science and math computation projects.
They have clients to run on many types of platforms with a system of job servers that can benchmark and customize workloads to the device/processors (CPUs/GPUs) participating. Clients that exist to participate already range from desktops and tablets to game systems like PS3, abstracting calculations from platforms and processors, and sometimes available to run in virtual box on a machine to keep them separate.
It could be nice to earn a return on this type of computation, current projects through BOINC are largely in the realm of university research and all participant volunteer their resources. I'm not sure what types of commercial work loads might be willing to pay for this type of computing resource. It does seem to limit types of jobs to data sets that can be batch divided into parallel units, to work large problem spaces. That brings to mind more research uses, and not many commercial uses.
Perhaps computational modeling for research and development (like failure testing several potential models), or analysis of geological mining survey data, or process flow analysis for large manufacturing and distribution systems. But it makes me think most of marketing analysis with the current focus in big data projects from corporate environments I see in articles and instructional materials.

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Seen the below where a company wants to rent your smartphone as a cloud computing resource. From a few years ago there was a company making space heaters that contained servers to compute and heat your house.

Are there any classes of problems that would be monitizeable in a grid computing environment to make those efforts financially viable?

Is Crowd Computing the Next Big Thing?
https://www.eejournal.com/article/is-crowd-computing-the-next-big-thing/ [eejournal.com]<https://urldefense.com/v3/__https:/www.eejournal.com/article/is-crowd-computing-the-next-big-thing/__;!!O7uE89YCNVw!aBA6JvXJVeTYPiR7XUISlTfbqlUnZGLH634oJJbWujko80pF47ttb8cAt156typL8Uk$>

Heating houses with 'nerd power'
https://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-32816775# [bbc.com]<https://urldefense.com/v3/__https:/www.bbc.com/news/magazine-32816775__;!!O7uE89YCNVw!aBA6JvXJVeTYPiR7XUISlTfbqlUnZGLH634oJJbWujko80pF47ttb8cAt156SXzPLf0$>

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