[Beowulf] job packing on lsf8? Any lsf gurus out there?

bbenedetto at goodyear.com bbenedetto at goodyear.com
Wed Mar 20 04:29:34 PDT 2019

Well, actually, we didn't USE "RES_REQ = order[-slots]".
We used "RES_REQ = order[-ut]". :-)

So I'm pretty sure that that matters less (or maybe not at all) than the
application that we used, the "packthis".

So if you want to spend a few more minutes on it, I would try that.  It
shouldn't be hard to test.

And we're thinking about jumping on the slurm bandwagon as well.

- Bill

>>> Robert Taylor writes:

  Robert> Hi Bill. Thanks for the reply. We tried doing the RES_REQ =
  Robert> order[-slots] for a queue, but lsf doesn't seem to see it. It seems
  Robert> like maybe that isn't a reserved keyword in lsf8.
  Robert> I was thinking that maybe I could pull it off with some esub foo,
  Robert> but don't want to pump too much effort into this, as we may switch
  Robert> to slurm in the coming months, so it could be wasted effort.
  Robert> I'll need to learn how to make slurm do it as well.
  Robert> rgt

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