[Beowulf] job packing on lsf8? Any lsf gurus out there?

bbenedetto at goodyear.com bbenedetto at goodyear.com
Tue Mar 19 10:34:25 PDT 2019

We switched from LSF 7 to LSF 10 in the past couple of years.

As near as I can glean/remember from that time we did this to pack jobs:

1. Created an application in lsb.applications like this:

    Begin Application
    NAME          = packthis
    BIND_JOB      = PACK
    End Application

2. Then in lsb.queues you would need your:

    RES_REQ = order[-slots]

3. Then you need to tell all of your jobs to use the aforementioned
   application, "packthis".  We were already using esub to short-circuit our
   bsubs and we added the application therein (we were using esub for other
   stuff - we just tacked this on).

   I THINK that you could have a default application for all of your jobs in
   lsb.params (DEFAULT_APPLICATION) and set that to "packthis".

   This last part you will have to work out.

That is what I remember and what I can glean from our old files and manpages.

- Bill

>>> Robert Taylor writes:

  Robert> Hi All. We are on a old version of LSF where I am, lsf8.  We are
  Robert> trying to implement job packing on a particular queue, and I find
  Robert> some references online to using
  Robert> RES_REQ = order[-slots]
  Robert> in the lsb.queues file, and
  Robert> SCHED_PER_JOB_SORT=Y in lsb.params
  Robert> However, this doesn't work, as they appear to only be supported on
  Robert> newer versions of lsf.  Can any lsf old-schoolers out there give me
  Robert> some recommendations on how to accomplish this?  They would like
  Robert> nodes to fill up with jobs before spreading them across more nodes,
  Robert> to leave more possible nodes free for high core count or exclusive
  Robert> jobs.
  Robert> Thanks.
  Robert> rgt

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