[Beowulf] Rsync - checksums

Ellis H. Wilson III ellis at ellisv3.com
Tue Jun 18 06:02:38 PDT 2019

On 6/18/19 6:59 AM, Bill Wichser wrote:
> Just for clarity here, we are NOT using the -c option.  The checksums 
> happen whenever there is a transfer between the rsync source and the 
> rsyncd on the other end.
> This is not some trivial rsync running at the top level.  There is code 
> we wrote as well as integration with Jenkins.  When we recompiled rsync 
> using MD4 instead of the MD5 we see a 20% increase in performance across 
> the board.  This is what sparked my question.

We need more details to be of much use:

1. Specific rsync version and command line used.

2. Compilation options both normally and with your md4 changes.

Ellis H. Wilson III, Ph.D.

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