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Jonathan Engwall engwalljonathanthereal at gmail.com
Sun Jul 21 19:30:07 PDT 2019

Hello Beowulf,
Some distros will be glad to know Flatpack will load your software center
with working downloads. First visit the website: https://flatpak.org/setup/
, choose your distro, then enable it for your installation.
After that, your software center, this is for GNOME, will then quadruple,
at least, in size if your has been lacking. Ubuntu, for instance, has
always been loaded.
This works for CentOS, Fedora, also therefore RedHat which I have never
used. Rasbian and several others are on the page.
In the screenshot attached below you can see I now have Godot Engine. You
can see Visual Scripting of a simple 2d ui_left, right type game. It looks
tedious, but it is so easy to redesign.
Of course I had a problem, no CallNode. Probably because I enabled 3d
features. So I tried one around then another. I was dragging nodes, piping
physics, I ran the normalized vector through the update. I stuffed it all
into Return, many various things.
I nearly got through it too. At one point a clear error: Size was (1). But
LoL I didn't watch the demos so I didn't know how I did that either.
Jonathan Engwall

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