[Beowulf] Another exciting dump log video!

Jonathan Engwall engwalljonathanthereal at gmail.com
Sun Apr 21 21:10:57 PDT 2019

Hello Beowulf,
This new video might be good but sadly, without a fascinating Flow Chart it
will never top my COS 117 video.
Here is the latest: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2vMV4OVyiN8
About the Flowchart COS 117 video: 32 views in 2 weeks. Compared to my time
reading and sound editing Swann in Love, Marcell Proust to gain 632 views
in an entire year, mind you that is Part One not the other Parts, 32 in 2
weeks is phenomenal. The other parts of Swann In Love from Swann's Way and
my other audiobooks are ignored. I do not know why.
Seriously, two people watch my Cray COS 117 video every day and my
investment is $0.00. Do I assume humans are attracted to flowcharts?
Whatever it is leverage it, please!
Jonathan Engwall
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