[Beowulf] An Epyc move for Cray

Christopher Samuel chris at csamuel.org
Tue Oct 30 15:53:35 PDT 2018

On 31/10/18 9:39 am, Christopher Samuel wrote:

> For those who haven't seen, Cray has announced their new Shasta 
> architecture for forthcoming systems like NERSC-9 (the replacement for 
> Edison).

Now I've seen the Cray PR it seems it might not be as closely coupled as 
it initially reads..


# With Shasta you can mix and match processor architectures (X86, Arm®,
# GPUs) in the same system as well as system interconnects from Cray
# (Slingshot™), Intel (Omni-Path) or Mellanox (InfiniBand®).

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