[Beowulf] Oh.. IBM eats Red Hat

Mikhail Kuzminsky kus at free.net
Tue Oct 30 03:18:07 PDT 2018

There are probably several reasons for this capture - they can be from
both IBM and Red Hat. And it is very difficult to discuss it now, when
it is not clear how events will develop in the future.
But it’s much better to join Red Hat to IBM than if Microsoft got
involved :-)).

> I don't know what to make of systemd as a design decision.  I'm an 
> Guy, so by definition I grew up with init and the classic Unix OS
> structure -- I still have all of the books in my office, sadly at 
> semi-obsolete within the current kernels and linux layout.  

I worked a set of years on IBM mainframe w/MVS OS. I hope that IBM is
not a bad choice for Red Hat. It is possible to say also
about xCAT developed by IBM.

Mikhail Kuzminsky

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