[Beowulf] Oh.. IBM eats Red Hat

Ryan Novosielski novosirj at rutgers.edu
Mon Oct 29 09:21:33 PDT 2018

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On 10/29/2018 11:58 AM, Joe Landman wrote:
> On 10/29/18 11:44 AM, Ryan Novosielski wrote:
>> On Oct 29, 2018, at 11:29, Prentice Bisbal via Beowulf 
>> <beowulf at beowulf.org <mailto:beowulf at beowulf.org>> wrote:
>>> On 10/29/2018 06:54 AM, INKozin via Beowulf wrote:
>>>> what would be an alternative to RH?
>>> Ubuntu
>> Maybe LTS, but having run both, they’re not really comparable.
>> Perhaps Debian compares to RHEL. Ubuntu ships with broken stuff
>> all the time, stuff that usually stays broken for the whole
>> release.
> Ubuntu releases are based upon debian bleeding edge/dev tree.
> named "sid" and the testing distribution based on "buster".  In
> 18.04.1 LTS, you see this:
> root at ubuntu:/etc/apt# cat /etc/debian_version buster/sid
> root at ubuntu:/etc/apt# uname -a Linux ubuntu 4.15.0-36-generic
> #39-Ubuntu SMP Mon Sep 24 16:19:09 UTC 2018 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64
> GNU/Linux
> So, yeah, the LTS is based upon bleeding edge.  This said, I've not
> seen much broken from Ubuntu recently, though I personally dislike 
> netplan.io.  YAML based configuration is not a feature, rather it
> is a bug.

Ubuntu 17.10 shipped with something broken related to
DNS/systemd-resolved that wasn't fixed for the entire release.
systemd-resolve will claim that a certain DNS server is in use, direct
queries to that DNS server work, but queries to the systemd-resolved
resolver return NXDOMAIN. Clearing the cache doesn't help.

Yes, you can turn that off, but I'm counting that as something broken.

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