[Beowulf] Poll - Directory implementation

Ryan Novosielski novosirj at rutgers.edu
Wed Oct 24 10:50:53 PDT 2018

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On 10/24/2018 01:44 PM, Michael Di Domenico wrote:

> i don't want to diverge this thread from the OP, but how fast does 
> ldap really need to be?  i have ~700 machines talking to two
> openldap servers w/ ssl enabled.  we have to run nslcd on the
> clients, but all is well

It's somewhat relevant, given someone's consideration of migration.

Faster than ours! We have a single at the moment (the VM is movable so
we don't really need it for high availability), but we are having
problems with certain operations (like ls -la /home). Our case appears
as if it might be related to our VM infrastructure or some tuning
parameter that is very wrong. I've done the usual things (indexing on
uidNumber and gidNumber, etc.) but haven't had a ton of luck so far.

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