[Beowulf] PMIX and Julia?

John Hearns hearnsj at googlemail.com
Sun Nov 18 11:35:56 PST 2018

I am really going to show my ignorance here. I just flicked through the
excellent OpenMPI BoF slides from SC18
This reminded me of something I have at the back of my mind. Clearly pmix
is intimately associated with MPI.
On the other hand I am a fan of the Julia language, which has its own
concepts of parallelism.
However for a cluster spanning across multiple machines Julia currently
assumes passwordless ssh will be used

Oooh - a bit of googling reveals that MPI can be used to communicate with
the processes

What I am really asking is will pmix be totally necessary when running on
near-exascale systems, or am I missing something? My thoughts are should
the Julia world be looking at mpix adaptations?
If someone with a clue about pmix could enlighten me I would be grateful.
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