[Beowulf] If you can help ...

Douglas Eadline deadline at eadline.org
Fri Nov 9 05:27:03 PST 2018


This is a difficult email to write. For years we (Lara Kisielewska,
Tim Wilcox, Don Becker, myself, and many others) have organized
and staffed the Beowulf Bash each Monday night at SC.

The event has always been funded by the various vendors who
are part of the Beowulf ecosystem. This year, for what ever reason,
we have come up short on sponsors. Contracts have been signed and
we have cut back where possible. We still have a non-trivial shortage
of around $10K (which the organizers have to come up with)

So we are asking if anyone in the community (or your company
or organization) can help, please visit our Go Fund Me page
and kick in a few bucks. We even put together a few ClusterMonkey.net
premiums. Thanks!


TO BE CLEAR: The Beowulf Bash is still happening thanks to
generous sponsors listed on our invite page, please come
and enjoy yourself. Here is the invite page:


See you there!


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