[Beowulf] Oh.. IBM eats Red Hat

Gerald Henriksen ghenriks at gmail.com
Sun Nov 4 07:14:50 PST 2018

On Sun, 04 Nov 2018 11:28:31 +0000, you wrote:

>There is one thing that is going to be super interesting to see. Red hat 
>fairly recently absorbed Centos Dev's and added them to the pay roll.
>Two questions yet to be answered are

Well, anything is obviously possible and there is certainly examples
of companies ruining / running into the ground aquisitions.

But with the deal not being completed for another 6 months or so there
will be a lot of ananswered questions for a while.

>1) whats the future of Centos

This one is easy (at least in a sensible world) - CentOS needs to

The biggest threat to RHEL isn't lost sales to CentOS but losing
customers and mindshare to Ubuntu (which certainly appears to have
been an issue the last number of years based on the number of software
projects that support Ubuntu but not Red Hat).

Anything that helps maintain / stop the erosion of minshare /
marketshare needs to be supported and to me CentOS delivers that (at
least to the extent of what Red Hat is willing to do).

>2) whats the future of Fedora.

More difficult to answer, and in some ways goes beyond Fedora.

There are some uncomfortable (from an open source purity standpoint)
questions that need to be faced, and Fedora in some ways complicates
them given it is officially community run and governed.

I my opinion it is a question Red Hat should have discussing at the
executive level if if the IBM deal hadn't come along.

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