[Beowulf] Jupyter and EP HPC

Lux, Jim (337K) james.p.lux at jpl.nasa.gov
Fri Jul 27 11:47:17 PDT 2018

I've just started using Jupyter to organize my Pythonic ramblings..

What would be kind of cool is to have a high level way to do some embarrassingly parallel python stuff, and I'm sure it's been done, but my google skills appear to be lacking (for all I know there's someone at JPL who is doing this, among the 6000 people doing stuff here).

What I'm thinking is this:
I have a high level python script that iterates through a set of data values for some model parameter, and farms out running the model to nodes on a cluster, but then gathers the results back.

So, I'd have N copies of the python model script on the nodes.
Almost like a pythonic version of pdsh.

Yeah, I'm sure I could use lots of subprocess() and execute() stuff (heck, I could shell pdsh), but like with all things python, someone has probably already done it before and has all the nice hooks into the Ipython kernel.

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