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One thing I not in Denmark is that all shower rooms have a 'wet floor'.
this makes a huge amount of sense as you get older and less able to step
into a shower tray or a bath.

In the AirBnBs I have stayed it, it is common to have a toilet in a room
with a toiled floor.
There is a shower area, where the floor slopes down slightly to a drain.
After a shower you use a squeegee to clear the water away. Simples.

I am staying in a hotel at the moment. A tiny cubicle for the toilet ans
shower, but it is quite pleasant actually as again there is a wet floor.

On 9 July 2018 at 15:16, Andy Fletcher <andyfx31 at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 09/07/18 16:04, 'John Hearns' via Linuxbierwanderung wrote:
> > pps. Regarding the bathroom, I used to work for Nuclear Diagnostics. The
> > company had to check all UK hotels for the head of the company.
> > He simply refused to stay anywhere with carpeting in the bathroom/toilet.
> > Again - what a barbarous country. Carpeting on the floor of your washing
> > room. Eeeurgghh.
> It gets worse, until recently a lot of houses had separate bathrooms and
> toilets meaning that that there was no sink in the toilet.  They were
> also often carpeted.
> I'll leave it to your imagination what the carpet ended up like.
> Have I put you off your lunch yet?
> Andy
> ps)
> Newer build places with split toilets have lino or something like that
> in the toilet floor and a tiny sink in the room.
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> Kids not coal
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