[Beowulf] Dell syscfg for KNL nodes - different to regular Dell syscfg?

Christopher Samuel chris at csamuel.org
Tue Feb 13 18:38:25 PST 2018

Hi Kilian,

On 14/02/18 12:40, Kilian Cavalotti wrote:

> AFAIK, despite their unfortunate sharing of the same name, Dell's
> syscfg and Intel's syscfg are completely different tools:

That I understand. :-)  The problem is that the Dell syscfg doesn't
seem to have the options that Slurm thinks it should.

Now that *might* be because I'm having to (currently) run it
on a non-KNL system for testing, and perhaps it probes the
BMC to work out what options it makes sense to show me..

I'll keep digging...


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