[Beowulf] Dell syscfg for KNL nodes - different to regular Dell syscfg?

Christopher Samuel chris at csamuel.org
Tue Feb 13 16:45:38 PST 2018

Hi all,

I'm helping bring up a cluster which includes a handful of Dell KNL
boxes (PowerEdge C6320p).  Now Slurm can manipulate the MCDRAM settings
on KNL nodes via syscfg, but Dell ones need to use the Dell syscfg and
not the Intel one.

The folks have a Dell syscfg (6.1.0) but that doesn't appear to have the
necessary flags which Slurm expects.  Is there a KNL specific version?

NB: I'm having to test the syscfg out on a non-KNL node as the nodes
are booted into an image that can't be modified on the fly.  Just want
to check I'm working on the right version before trying to extract
something that will run from a directory rather than having to install
a heap of RPMs to satisfy all the dependencies.

Google and the Dell website are not helping me, or else I'm too out of
practice after a month off.. :-)

All the best,

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