[Beowulf] ipoib routing

Chris Samuel chris at csamuel.org
Tue Dec 11 22:47:35 PST 2018

On 11/12/18 2:40 pm, John Hearns via Beowulf wrote:

> Michael, yes.  Panasas engineered IPOIB to Ethernet routers for their 
> storage platform. Remember that until the latest generation of their kit 
> they ran on BSD, which had no Infiniband capability. Panasas IB routers 
> booted from an onboard SATA DOM, which was quite a neat solution.

Sounds like they've changed a bit since we had them at VLSCI (circa 
2010), they were just two SuperMicro 2-in-1U boxes, each with a QDR IB 
and 10gigE and with a relatively vanilla CentOS 5 install and a script 
to configure them.

Mind you they didn't need to be complicated, they just ran and ran. We 
lost 1 at one point due to a hardware problem and the solution was to 
replace the whole unit of 2 nodes. From memory we just needed to take 
the routes out of the Panasas config and the cluster they were routing 
for (and put them back when the replacement arrived).

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