[Beowulf] SC18: Needed Beowulf Memories

Prentice Bisbal pbisbal at pppl.gov
Thu Aug 16 07:22:30 PDT 2018

>    - written antidotes,

Antidote for evil eye:

2 eyes of newt
1 wing of bat
a pinch of dragon's breath


On 08/16/2018 08:42 AM, Douglas Eadline wrote:
> Hello fellow Beowulfers
> Normally we send emails about SC and Beowulf Bash in a timely fashion
> a few weeks before November (okay that is a bit generous,
> but let's continue)
> This year is the 30th anniversary of SC (BTW "SC" stands for
> Supercomputing, which is what it was originally called, but now it is
> called SC to save letters or something)
> In any case, this year as part of the historical perspective
> at SC18 the Beowulf Bash committee is planning a Beowulf Booth!
> As we are still in the planning phase and I cannot divulge what
> the booth will "be" exactly, but in the Beowulf tradition
> it will be built from various constituencies in the community
> (people, projects, companies, etc) And, I can say you will want
> hang out at this booth.
> This is the point where your input is needed, particularly the old-timers
> on the list (you know who you are) Here is what we are looking
> for:
>    - written antidotes, stories, lessons, community, reflections about
>      the whole Beowulf era (and what it means today) These stories,
>      at a minimum, will be published on the web (1000 words or less)
>    - pictures of people, hardware, etc. Please include captions and
>      credits for the pictures.Please Identify people places and things
>    - Any old school Beowulf Hardware you would be willing to
>      loan to the booth. We are not looking for rack of old servers,
>      but that Pentium Pro motherboard from the basement might be
>      interesting.
>    - Any stories about the Beowulf Bash or the LECCIBG  (Google it)
>    - What ever else you think would be important to have in your booth
> Send all materials or suggestions to me (deadline at eadline.org) by:
>                  ***Monday October 1st, 2018***
> Also, make sure the Subject Line contains  "BEO18"
> Thanks!

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