[Beowulf] Your Raspberry Pi dream comes true

Jeffrey Layton laytonjb at gmail.com
Thu Nov 16 06:14:14 PST 2017

I'm going to head to the booth (535?) today. I saw a "rack" or whatever
they call it at the DOE booth. Very petite.

I love the RPi - really love it. I've built a few small clusters like
everyone else. I've built a ClusterHat - really cool simple idea. The RPi 3
has decent speed and the graphics are just about good enough to be a
desktop replacement but I'm still hoping for something better from the RPi

I'm fine with 4 cores, but I would like it to be ARM-8 - true 64-bit. I'd
also like a GigE port and up to 4GB of memory. It should also have good
enough graphics to be useful as a desktop on a good size monitor. After
that, I'm happy (well, I might whine about other features but those are
nice to haves). I'm hoping this comes to fruition next year but I'm not
holding my breath.

Before anyone posts and says "try xyz model", let me say that I have tried
a lot of them. I will never try another Banana Pi series SBC in my life -
the software stinks. I've tried a few models and had absolutely no luck.
I've tried a few others (Orange, etc.) and I've always been disappointed.
It's always been the software. This is why I hope the RPi Foundation takes
pity on use poor HPC souls (hell - I'll pay more for the features I want).
I'm getting ready to order a Rock64 Media borad (
https://www.pine64.org/?product=rock64-media-board-computer ) since it
looks to have all of the requisites. I've heard the network connection is
good and the software for it are also good. But I'm not sure something like
CentOS runs on it, so I'll probably go with Ubuntu.

These machines show a great deal of promise, they just haven't quite gotten
to the point where they what I want for a low-power cluster.

Thanks for reading.


On Tue, Nov 14, 2017 at 7:48 PM, Gerald Henriksen <ghenriks at gmail.com>

>  750 node cluster in use at LANL for development purposes:
> https://www.anandtech.com/show/12037/cheap-supercomputers-lanl-has-
> 750node-raspberry-pi-development-clusters
> https://www.servethehome.com/bitscope-raspberry-pi-cluster-3000-cores-30u/
> http://cluster.bitscope.com/solutions
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