[Beowulf] avx-512

Mark Hahn hahn at mcmaster.ca
Fri Jun 30 13:03:17 PDT 2017

> https://www.hpcwire.com/2017/06/29/reinders-avx-512-may-hidden-gem-intel-xeon-scalable-processors

the article almost seemed machine-generated to me; did it actually
say anything that we didn't already know (basically, that avx-512
in skylake/purley can perform double the vector rate of avx(-256)?

> quote from the article; GPUs aren?t designed to operate on non-FP data.

yes, strange indeed.  in fact, if the article is about vectorization,
one could easily argue that the GPU model for vectorization (since surely
a SM has to be considered a vector core) is in some ways working out
better than the accretion of SIMD hacks in x86_64...

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