[Beowulf] Register article on Epyc

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What is everyone's thoughts on Intel new i9 cpus as these boast significant jump in core count

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Oh, and at least the higher core-count SKUs like the 32-core 7251 are
actually 4 8-core dies linked together with a new "Infinity Fabric"
interconnect, not a single 32-core die. I completely missed that. And
it's fine, it probably makes sense from a yield perspective, but
behold the intra-socket inter-die NUMA effects. And sure enough, we'll
need yet another layer in the node-board-socket-core-thread conceptual

By the way, isn't actually what Intel was criticized for, when they
released their first quad-core Clovertown CPUs, back in 2007? I
remember some PR from AMD about those fake quad-core CPUs, which
really were just two dual-core glued together. Funny how tides turn...

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