[Beowulf] HPC cloud bursting providers?

Tim Cutts tjrc at sanger.ac.uk
Tue Feb 21 01:07:01 PST 2017

We don't actively use it, but we have demonstrated we can extend our LSF clusters into AWS.  I'm sure it could be done just as easily to other public cloud platforms.

It's a more practical prospect for us than for many traditional HPC sites, because most of our workloads are embarrassingly parallel single threaded tasks.

Having said that, many of our tasks require a lot of RAM, and public cloud VMs tend to get disproportionately expensive if you want a lot of RAM per thread.

Cloudbursting is also not particularly great if your datasets are large, since obviously you lose both time and money shipping the data in and out of the public cloud.

So technically it's fairly easy to do, but whether it's worthwhile is very workload-dependent.



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    Hi all,
    Has anyone dealt with bursting from an on-prem HPC cluster to the cloud before? Are there any providers that stand out in this category? Quick searches reveal the usual suspects (AWS, Google, etc). Just wondered what real world experience has to say… :)
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