[Beowulf] Thoughts on git?

Harish Pillay 9v1hp h.pillay at ieee.org
Thu Dec 21 03:42:28 PST 2017

Faraz -

[ ... deleted ... ]
> So I tried to learn git but find it very confusing. It seems designed for
> teams of developers working on some million+ line of code project. For my
> rinky-dinky scripts it just adds a lot of confusion. It seems I need to
> "commit" to using git everyday in order for it to be effective. Otherwise,
> use it or lose it.
> Should I force myself to use git everyday? Or maybe find some incrementally
> better way to manage backups of my scripts?

It is helps, this site:
http://www-cs-students.stanford.edu/~blynn/gitmagic/ might
have a way for you to come up to speed on git.

I use git for all things that I need to keep track of - documents,
code, websites
and especially my /etc folders (via etckeeper).

Do check out the link above. I am sure you'll find it useful.


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