[Beowulf] Intel kills Knights Hill, Xeon Phi line "being revised"

Mikhail Kuzminsky kus at free.net
Wed Dec 20 04:02:10 PST 2017

>>Rumours flying that the Xeon Phi family is in jeopardy, but the
>>article has an addendum to say:
>># [Update: Intel denies they are dropping the Xeon Phi line,
>># saying only that it has "been revised based on recent
>># customer and overall market needs."]

>This should cause some confusion.

>While Knights Hill was cancelled, Intel has quietly put information
>about Knights Mill online as the next Phi product line:


I partially disagree with "confusion". It's simple because KNM has 
minimal microarchitecture changes vs KNL, and does not focus on normal 
DP-precision. KNM focuses on SP etc, and is oriented to Deep Learning, 
AI etc.

Mikhail Kuzminsky,
Zelinsky Institute of Organic Chemistry,

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