[Beowulf] Thoughts on git?

Faraz Hussain info at feacluster.com
Tue Dec 19 08:11:07 PST 2017

I am curious what people think of git. On one hand everyone seems to  
be using it and proclaiming its virtues. On the other hand it seems  
way overkill for how the majority of people code.

I maintain dozens of scripts to manage various HPC environments . None  
are more than a few hundred lines long. To do backups of scripts, I  
just copy them to some backup folder. Occasionally I might tar them up  
and copy them to a different server. I have never had a need to go  
back to an older version of my script.

So I tried to learn git but find it very confusing. It seems designed  
for teams of developers working on some million+ line of code project.  
For my rinky-dinky scripts it just adds a lot of confusion. It seems I  
need to "commit" to using git everyday in order for it to be  
effective. Otherwise, use it or lose it.

Should I force myself to use git everyday? Or maybe find some  
incrementally better way to manage backups of my scripts?

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