[Beowulf] User notification of new software on the cluster

Christopher Samuel samuel at unimelb.edu.au
Wed Sep 28 18:09:17 PDT 2016

Hi John,

On 28/09/16 09:55, John Hanks wrote:

> We take the approach that our cluster is "community managed" and discuss
> all aspects of managing it, software installs, problems, usage,
> scheduling, etc., in a dedicated slack.com <http://slack.com> instance
> for our center.

A really interesting summary and I think that's a nice way of doing
things - building a community around it is something we tried in the
early days here with forums but we had little interest from users and
the systems admins never had time to check them anyway.

I'm curious whether it is an open channel or if you have some way for
users to auth themselves to access it?

Also do you use the free or paid version?  The uni uses the free version
for its involvement in the national cloud programme and the message
limit it has can be annoying.

When I was my previous job I ran a blog for a while (called syslog,
forgive me!) about updates and changes, but again ran into the problem
of too much work and too little time to keep updated.

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