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Darren Wise darren at wisecorp.co.uk
Mon Sep 26 20:31:38 PDT 2016


Heya folks, ive had a couple of links sent to me that I asked for which is amazing.
I'm compiling as much as I can as and when time is free, I will also begin to mirror all sorts of data to the pages I create too and when the time comes I can also subdomain the entire amassed data and make it more dynamic.
For now I've got a template forming, nothing too fancy I might add but it could be a good way for us all to send things and other folks or anything else really..
Just call it a fancy pastebin dump in a few months or something.
I've literally only just uploaded it with some code snippets edited, so don't expect a fully fledged and well stocked bunch of pages okay :D
-logo would be nice, or given rights to use our beowulf.org logo?
What else can we do together and what can't we do?
I have a few dedicated servers almost doing nothing, a couple of VPS, unlimited data storage and a few Web servers hanging around all with between 10Mbit and 1000Mbit connections..

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> Darren Wise Esq, 
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> Managing Director (MD)
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> www.wisecorp.co.uk> www.wisecorp.co.uk/babywise
> www.darrenwise.co.uk
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