[Beowulf] Does anyone here mix CISC and RISC within their clusters.

Brice Goglin brice.goglin at gmail.com
Fri Oct 28 12:13:39 PDT 2016

Le 27/10/2016 08:12, Christopher Samuel a écrit :
> On 27/10/16 16:00, Darren Wise wrote:
>> Along with seven dual socket, quadcore AMD x86-64 CISC nodes running
>> ubuntu 16.4LTS, MPICH and OpenMPI are giving me some strange errors but
>> as soon as I opt out the SUN box everything runs smoothly.
> You're not just mixing architectures, you're mixing Debian derived
> distros on x86 with RHEL derived distros on Sparc.  So you are likely
> mixing quite different OpenMPI versions as well.
> I'd suggest building the latest OpenMPI 1.10.x release from source on
> both and trying that instead.

You might have to configure Open MPI with --enable-heterogeneous but I
am not sure it is still well tested/supported (they talked about
removing it in the past).


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