[Beowulf] Detecting binaries that are limited to an architecture?

Christopher Samuel samuel at unimelb.edu.au
Sun May 8 17:38:24 PDT 2016

On 06/05/16 19:32, Carlos Fenoy wrote:

> Here you have a more updated version of the script. This one supports up
> to AVX2, although it will not tell you exactly the CPU version it is
> compatible with.

Really interesting, thanks so much!

As an example this is what it says about our Python 3.4 build (using the
Intel compilers):

[samuel at snowy bin]$ ~/bin/analyze-x86 python3.4
Disassembling python3.4, please wait...

        MMX:           126
        SSE:          1943
        MMXExt:        153
        Enh 3DNow:       0
        SSE2:         1293
        SSE3:          572
        SSSE3:         694
        SSE4A:           0
        SSE4.1:          9
        SSE4.2:         34
        AES:             0
        AVX:             2
        AVX2:            0
        FMA:             0
        FMA4:            0

This binary was found to contain the cpuid instruction.
This could mean that the application checks if an opcode is
supported before executing it, meaning it may work even if
these instructions are not supported on the host.

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