[Beowulf] Detecting binaries that are limited to an architecture?

Carsten Aulbert Carsten.Aulbert at aei.mpg.de
Thu May 5 22:06:39 PDT 2016


On 05.05.2016 22:51, Paul McIntosh wrote:

> We have /usr/local mounted across nodes with some Intel Xeon X5650
> (Westmere) and some E5-2670 (SandyBridge). Some code spits out "Illegal
> Instruction" when run on the old nodes and it appears to be due to hitting
> shared libraries compiled on the newer nodes. We are going to have a similar
> situation on the newer clusters also.

some years ago I accidentally found this here


which "simply" wades through all instructions and spits out for which
target platform the binary is ok.

Given that this is 4yrs old and I had to apply a small fix about
variable naming (I think/attached) it will most certainly not find all
edge cases, but may already help to get started.


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