[Beowulf] Cluster consistency checks

Olli-Pekka Lehto olli-pekka.lehto at csc.fi
Tue Mar 22 08:32:40 PDT 2016


I finally got around to writing down my cluster-consistency checklist that I've been planning for a long time: 


The goal is to try to make the baseline installation of a cluster as consistent as possible and make vendors work for their money. :) Of course hopefully publishing this will help vendors capture some of the issues that slip through the cracks even before clusters are handed over. It's also a good idea to run these types of checks during the lifetime of the system as there's always some consistency creep as hardware gets replaced. 

If someone is interested in contributing, pull requests or comments on the list are welcome. I'm sure that there's something missing as well. Right now it's just a text-file but making some nicer scripts and postprocessing for the output might happen as well at some point. All the examples are very HP oriented as well at this point. 

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