[Beowulf] Best packaging practices/environment and containers

Christopher Samuel samuel at unimelb.edu.au
Thu Mar 10 14:31:20 PST 2016

On 11/03/16 02:25, Remy Dernat wrote:

> On the other hand, now, you have containers (docker, rkt, lxc, etc...),
> cgroups, namespaces and singularity (
> http://gmkurtzer.github.io/singularity/ ).

If you're looking at containers then I'd suggest taking a look at LBL's
Shifter which can de-weaponise Docker containers for safe use on HPC
clusters and includes Slurm support (i.e. submit a batch job that can
launch processes inside a nominated container):


Code on Bitbucket here:


It's one of the things on my "to test" list. :-)

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