[Beowulf] Most common cluster management software, job schedulers, etc?

Prentice Bisbal prentice.bisbal at rutgers.edu
Wed Mar 9 11:20:17 PST 2016

On 03/08/2016 05:40 PM, Christopher Samuel wrote:
> On 09/03/16 08:40, Paul McIntosh wrote:
>> FYI - Good info from SC13 Sys admin BOF - http://isaac.lsu.edu/sc13/
>> - be nice to have this updated on a yearly basis
> You could always make the suggestion to the sysadmin bof cabal. Er, who
> don't exist, no.. really they don't..  but if they did you might find
> them here:
> http://emac3.hpc.lsu.edu/mailman/listinfo/sc-admin

Way to blow our, er, their cover, Samuels! Why don't you just teach him 
the secret handshake? If there is one, that is.

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