[Beowulf] Most common cluster management software, job schedulers, etc?

Carsten Aulbert Carsten.Aulbert at aei.mpg.de
Tue Mar 8 00:25:25 PST 2016


On 03/08/2016 05:43 AM, Jeff Friedman wrote:
> Hello all. I am just entering the HPC Sales Engineering role, and would
> like to focus my learning on the most relevant stuff. I have searched
> near and far for a current survey of some sort listing the top used
> “stacks”, but cannot seem to find one that is free. I was breaking
> things down similar to this:

"relevant" stuff is pretty relative to what you want to achieve ;)
> _Provisioning software_: Cobbler, Warewulf, xCAT, Openstack, Platform HPC, ?

In case of Debian: FAI

> _Configuration management_: Warewulf, Puppet, Chef, Ansible, ? 

old school: cfengine, ...

> _Resource and job schedulers_: I think these are basically the same
> thing? Torque, Lava, Maui, Moab, SLURM, Grid Engine, Son of Grid Engine,
> Univa, Platform LSF, etc… others?

for high throughput computing: HTCondor

> _Performance monitoring_: Ganglia, Nagios, ?

Icinga, ...

> Does anyone have any observations as to which of the above are the most
> common?  Or is that too broad?  I  believe most the clusters I will be
> involved with will be in the 128 - 2000 core range, all on commodity
> hardware. 

I guess everyone will have their preferences, if you wanted to get to
some hard, recent numbers, one way would be to crate an online
survey/form and ask many people to participate :)



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