[Beowulf] [OT] MPI-haters

C Bergström cbergstrom at pathscale.com
Fri Mar 4 02:43:57 PST 2016

Sorry for the shameless self indulgence, but there seems to be a
growing trend of love/hate around MPI. I'll leave my opinions aside,
but at the same time I'd love connect and host a list where others who
are passionate about scalability can vent and openly discuss ideas.

Despite the comical name, I've created mpi-haters mailing list

To start things off - Some of the ideas I've been privately bouncing around

Can current directive based approaches (OMP/ACC) be extended to scale
out. (I've seen some research out of Japan on this or similar)

Is Chapel c-like syntax similar enough to easily implement in clang

Can one low level library succeed at creating a clean interface across
all popular industry interconnects (libfabrics vs UCX)

Real world success or failure of "exascale" runtimes? (What's your
experience - lets not pull any punches)

I won't claim to see ridiculous scalability in most web applications
I've worked on, but they had so many tools available - Why have I
never heard of memcache being used in a supercomputer and or why isn't
sharding ever mentioned...

Everyone is welcome and lets keep it positive and fun - invite your friends


ps - Apologies if you get this message more than once.

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