[Beowulf] Jeff Squayres MPI proposals

John Hearns John.Hearns at xma.co.uk
Thu Mar 3 01:45:49 PST 2016

I guess many people here follow Jeff Squyres blog anyway.
However if you don't here are two very thought provoking posts.


I have only had time to skim this article, but it is well worth a class discussion.
The new web-scale kids on the block are going to eat HPC's lunch.


ps. I heard the 'Flock of Birds' paradigm at Fosdem for the first time. So you heard it from me.

That's what we'll need for Exascale - a flock of compute units launched as a flock to work on a problem,
but if some of the birds fall out of the air the flock continues.

Pps. Told to me by an aero engineer - when migrating birds are ont the wing at high altitude, in Vic formations,
if one gets sick or tired tt will descend for a rest.
TWO other birds go down with it, as they know it will take that amount of help to get back up to the flock by slipstreaming.
Hmmm... do we need compute units to help a sick one...

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