[Beowulf] Finally, she's working properly :) * I think..

Darren Wise darren at wisecorp.co.uk
Wed Aug 24 22:27:53 PDT 2016


Heya guys and gals,
I had to take a week off due to the birth of a new nipper and it's been on hands on deck here, plus it's the summer holidays and this is my fourth biological child and also two step children in their teens..
So its a tad bit busy around here!
Anyway, I was having terrible trouble with not even touching a beowulf since I setup a 200 node beowulf for saab when I worked for a firm in finland, after the dot com bubble bursting allot of the fun went out the window and so did investment in to ventures like this, but I did consider it to be more along the lines of trimming the fat off the industry as we knew it then..
So you can imagine my view of this, it's like starting again but knowing how to roughly balance the bike, but not while pedalling..
Long story short, it's all installed, running well and even with the dated idea of MPICH2 version 3? I imagine.. I've test ran hellow, pmandel and also cpi  (flexing some pi calculations) and i've also manged to flex it a little bit more by installing and getting JtR (John the Ripper) to actually function or me actually finding out how to get it to function with little more then a few hours actually here an their using it..
But none the less, it's working just fine now.. Trust my luck, I'll shut it all down for the duration of me getting to sleep, boot it all back up and find my hard drives have melted..
So what have you all been doing with you're clusters, I see some of you work for some quite niche markets within parallel computing and deep big data mining because I've glanced at some of your signature links ;)
Just curious to know how many of you do your own thing on your own equipment regardless of it being on site or off..
I'm interested ;)

> Kind regards,
> Darren Wise Esq, 
> B.Sc, HND, GNVQ, City & Guilds.
> Managing Director (MD)
> www.wisecorp.co.uk > www.darrenwise.co.uk
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