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Fri Aug 19 08:45:19 PDT 2016

my questions is maintenance;
> do i need a rubber suit to even touch anything or lest ruin my pants
> everyday?

No, I never use any protective clothing.  My colleagues sometimes do.  It
really depends on what your doing.

The fluid comes out of your clothes with dry cleaning.

> even with lidded tanks do you find the oil aspirates and gets all over
> everything?

No.  The fluid has a really low vapour pressure, so it doesn't get anywhere
unless their is a problem.  IF you get air in the system, you can get large
bubbles, which can splash a little oil... but it usually just falls back
into the tank... no harm done.

IF you accidentally drop a 1.5m long 20kg fan door from a shelf 1m above a
tank, you can get large waves and get some fluid over the sides of the tank
;)  It only takes a few minutes to clean up (we use a cheap wet-vacuum and
then filter the fluid back into the tank).

You can get small droplets in the air if you use something like a gear-pump
to transfer fluid into or out of a tank.  Don't use gear pumps.

> does the oil reduce hardware failure to such an extent to make these
> questions negligible?

Not quite, but almost.  We have gone through several "move every node to
another tank" processes... and it wasn't that bad.  We also upgraded every
node with more phi's, which meant taking them out of the tanks, stuffing
around and putting them back in.

> i hadn't bumped into anyone that could answer those two questions from
> a LARGE installation standpoint.  but if you've got >1pf in oil, i'd
> say you have a card in this game.

To be fair, 1 drop of fluid does appear to cover the entire floor, but we
use normal absorbent wipes and pads and have them on the way out of the
room.  We also wash the floor every couple of weeks with sugar-soap.  Its
no big deal.

Dr Stuart Midgley
sdm900 at sdm900.com
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