[Beowulf] HP Enterprise to buy SGI

Joe Landman landman at scalableinformatics.com
Fri Aug 12 07:57:14 PDT 2016

On 08/12/2016 10:46 AM, Douglas Eadline wrote:
> I remember when the old HP bought Convex. More like 1 + 1 = .2
> in that case. And, then in recent years many of the old
> Convex crew emerged as Convey which was then bought by
> Micron last year.

Maybe I am biased, but I see actual (strong) value in big data 
analytical appliance companies.

HP hasn't had a great run on acquisitions, and if you look at the 
financials, this won't likely make a noticeable impact on revenues or 

But from a strategic point of view, it make sense to prevent 
Cisco/Lenovo/others from grabbing SGI for themselves.

Sometimes the reasons for an acquisition have less to do with the 
details of the company, and more to do with the potential 
strategy/competitive landscape.

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