[Beowulf] Broadwell HPL performance

Douglas Eadline deadline at eadline.org
Thu Apr 21 05:56:04 PDT 2016

> On 20/04/16 16:52, John Hearns wrote:
>> I would be grateful for pointers towards HPL performance figures for
>> Broadwell (v4) processors.
>> I ask as I am getting some very good values and I want to do a sanity
>> check!
> Dell has some HPL and STREAM benchmark numbers here (found with a quick
> google):
> http://en.community.dell.com/techcenter/high-performance-computing/b/general_hpc/archive/2016/03/31/measuring-performance-of-intel-broadwell-processors-with-high-performance-computing-benchmarks

Expect the author is a bit confused about calculating % of peak
and in one case (E2650) seems be reporting a result
of 878 GFLOPS vs a theoretical peak of 844.

He  states in Figure 1 that the E2650 result is 127% efficient
which I assume is based on his bogus 356 GFLOP theoretical
maximum, thus the actual number he reports in
Figure 1 is 878 GFLOPS, (1.27x346x2 processors)

Basically I don't trust these numbers. I assume the rest of the
data are equally wrong. Being an old school
kind of dude a link to the raw output is always nice
and some run-time data like HT (on off) and number of threads
etc. is helpful.

> Others from Boston in the UK:
> https://www.boston.co.uk/blog/2016/04/06/intel-xeon-e5-2600-v4-codename-broadwell-launch-and-preliminary-bench.aspx

They report 859 GFLOPS for the E5-2650, again above peak, but they
seem to state that HT is on. How many threads do they use for the test?

I assumed that enabling HT hurt HPL numbers (at least in my MPI tests it
does). Is it possible that for these tests, HT helps performance (a bit),
but in the case of the Dell blog, including the HT "cores" means doubling
the peak number which would make the result look bad?



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