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INKozin i.n.kozin at googlemail.com
Fri Apr 1 03:06:36 PDT 2016

Hello, list
I wonder what interesting processors, architectures and other sort of tech
have been announced today following the Broadwell announcement.

I can only share that I was really impressed by the newly trained Deep
Learning Neuronal Network (Torch 7 implementation) which has been trained
on a very large but well-crafted selection of open source code to recognise
bugs and spot opportunities for performance improvement. This is well known
by now. But then someone else hacked it and figured out how to do style
extraction (correlations of conv layers) and then apply the extracted style
to your other code making it not only good looking but also bug free and
high performant at the same time.

Now software developers all over the world should feel really threatened by
the looming prospect of lame coders like myself creating crappy code and
applying a decent “style” to it. And voila – job’s done.

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