[Beowulf] frequency scaling

Michael Di Domenico mdidomenico4 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 23 05:24:28 PDT 2015

thanks all for the suggestions, but to no avail i can't seem to get it
to stop scaling.  so perhaps my test is incorrect.

i'm running rhel 6.7 and using the cpufrequtils package.  when running
cpufreq-aperf 1 (cpupower monitor seems to be the same) i see the
c-state transitions and on the right it shows the last reported Hz of
the clock.

the odd thing when i use cpuspeed to set the the governor to
performance, /proc/cpuinfo shows the cpu's "locked" at 2800Mhz, but
cpufreq-aperf still shows the cpu's scaling with a low of 1600Mhz

fortunately, this i my own personal crusade, so it's not a big deal if
i can't get it to work, but it'd sure be nice if did.

much googling around seems to indicate the only real fix is to
recompile the kernel and strip out the freq scaling modules

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