[Beowulf] Semour Cray 90th Anniversary

Greg Lindahl lindahl at pbm.com
Wed Oct 14 13:55:33 PDT 2015

On Wed, Oct 14, 2015 at 09:11:53PM +0100, James Cownie wrote:

> If you read https://www.alcf.anl.gov/articles/introducing-aurora
> <https://www.alcf.anl.gov/articles/introducing-aurora> carefully,
> you can notice that Intel is the prime contractor on the Aurora
> contract, while Cray is a subcontractor

I found this description of the system to be very interesting:


Aurora is going to have a 3rd generation Xeon Phi with "2nd Generation
Intel Omni-Path" and silicon photonics. So this is a Cray system using
Intel's new off-the-shelf interconnect, the fruit of Intel's
collaboration with Cray on interconnect. It's a large enough deal that
I wouldn't read too much into who's the prime and who's the sub, there
could be a lot of business reasons as to why this contract arrangement
might make sense.

-- greg

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