[Beowulf] Semour Cray 90th Anniversary

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> On 10/03/2015 01:54 PM, Nathan Pimental wrote:
> Very nice article. Are cray computers still made, and how popular are
> they? How pricey are they? :)
> Yes, Argonne National Lab (ANL) announced in April it will purchase a
> large Cray system as part of the CORAL intitative at a price of $200
> million. Expected performance is 180 PFLOPs.
> https://www.alcf.anl.gov/articles/introducing-aurora
> Interesting, ANL has long been an IBM shop (Intrepid, Mira) and ORNL has
> been a Cray shop (Jaguar, Titan)  but that's switching with the CORAL
> purchases. I guess they want to keep their admins and developers on their
> toes.

Clearly, the admins would have kept things the same. :-)

What did not change for either lab is the hardware model. ORNL's Titan is a
heterogeneous system with CPUs and GPUs while ANL's Mira is a homogeneous
system. ORNL's Summit will have CPUs and GPUs and ANL's Aurora will have a
homogeneous, many-core processor.
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