[Beowulf] F1 to go CFD only?

Prentice Bisbal prentice.bisbal at rutgers.edu
Wed Oct 14 13:26:37 PDT 2015

Ultimately, I think this is a step in the wrong direction for F1 from a 
safety point of view. F1 has made HUGE strides in safety since the death 
of Ayrton Senna. So much so that Robert Kubica hit a wall almost head-on 
at 180MPH and walked away from it in 2007. (Google the video it's pretty 

If they eliminate wind tunnel testing altogether, it's just a matter of 
time until a bug in a CFD code allows an silly engineering error to lead 
to a catastrophic accident on the track, something at a wind tunnel test 
would catch. Wind tunnel testing is much more foolproof (humanproof?) 
than code.


On 10/14/2015 03:40 AM, John Hearns wrote:
> Interesting article on HPCwire
> http://www.hpcwire.com/2015/10/07/formula-one-debates-cfd-only-future/
> i don;t see it myself - wind tunnels are an important part of the aero 
> engineers toolbox, and they don't run them for fun.
> There are interesting comments regarding an energy cap though,
> which could be interesting for us in the HPC industry.
> I am looking at slurm scheduling at the moment - for the plugin which 
> allows you to select the performance governor on a per-job basis.
> Could be interesting :
> Jenson Button:  "Hey guys. We need that latest front wing 
> configuration. Run it at the maximum power setting"
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