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Hi -
I started looking at the marketing material -
Thanks for both the lengthy and not-so-lengthy responses provided so far -
Here are clarifications on my questions.
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Dave Lechner

1)      Does anyone have benchmarking test results of an HCI solution compared to the similar configuration of a Linux/Intel  hardware set with comparable networking backbone?  (ie same or similar server core count, CPU count, clock speed, memory speed and amount, similar storage (maybe solid state disks), and motherboard configuration, and interconnects).    Hopefully there is a range of benchmark performance results that can be shared - data intensive, I/O intensive, FLOP intensive (  I used to do several tests when I ran a benchmark lab in the 2005-07 timeframe)..

2)      If the hardware design is similar, how does HCI solution provide improved performance over a similar commodity system?

3)      How does the cost and performance results of the HCI solution compare to the commodity solution in question #1 ?

4)      If the price per FLOP (or pic your metric of preference for a cost/performance ratio) of an HCI solution is not better (i.e.  lower cost per similar performance), then are there other solutions in the systems administration?

5)      Is there a comparable open-source solution?  (With thanks for partial answers so far!)

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I am wondering if anyone on this list has benchmarked the impact of an HCI solution on performance, or how this newest "next big thing" compares to a new Linux/intel commodity solution?
Is there some performance penalty fron the virtualization?
How do price points per FloP compare?
Is the advantage in the Systems administration, and is there a comparable open source solution?

Thanks in advance for  any insights.
Dave Lechner
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