[Beowulf] OpenHPC ?

Christopher Samuel samuel at unimelb.edu.au
Sun Nov 15 18:41:26 PST 2015

On 16/11/15 10:50, Christopher Samuel wrote:

> Something called OpenHPC uncloaked at SC, according to folks on the
> Easybuild list.

Briefly scanning the docs & yum repo it looks like it provides:

*) CentOS 7.1
*) Lustre client
*) Nagios
*) Warewulf
*) Slurm
*) Easybuild
*) Lmod
*) Intel compilers (BYO license)
*) Open-MPI, MVAPICH2, Intel MPI (BYO license) - without Slurm support. [1]
*) Tau for profiling
*) PetSC, Scalapack, Boost
*) R
*) TexLive

[1] - "At present, OpenHPC is unable to include the PMI process
 management server normally included within Slurm which implies that
 srun cannot be use for MPI job launch. Instead, native job launch
 mechanisms provided by the MPI stacks are utilized and prun abstracts
 this process for the various stacks to retain a single launch command."

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