[Beowulf] Diskless cluster provisioning/installation

tegner at renget.se tegner at renget.se
Wed Nov 4 01:06:27 PST 2015


I need to set up a diskless cluster. Some years ago I did this using Perceus, <http://www.perceus.org/>. Wored nicely, but since I know there are several other systems around; e.g., Warewulf, <http://warewulf.lbl.gov/trac> or <http://www.admin-magazine.com/HPC/Articles/Warewulf-Cluster-Manager-Master-and-Compute-Nodes>, and Onesis, <http://onesis.org/> I just wanted to check what people are using these days.

is there one system in particular which is more actively developed? Or do people tend to use different, more "basic" tools these days?



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