[Beowulf] What happened to AMD GPU?

Douglas Eadline deadline at eadline.org
Wed Mar 4 12:15:45 PST 2015

The one thing NVidia did right was port/support popular
applications to CUDA (Amber comes to mind). I don't see
how AMD can compete in this space if they don't do the
same thing, but do it for their APU Opteron-X processors
using HSA  (should they come out with some heftier models)


> This is part shameless self promotion, but also meant to stir some
> discussion..
> Take a look at some of the recent top results for SPEC ACCEL
> http://spec.org/accel/results/accel_acc.html
> /* It may not seem like much, but I can say that is the visible result
> to a heck of a lot of work */
> I have to word this carefully, but after that was submitted we fixed a
> cooling issue and the score went higher.. expect better public results
> in 2 weeks. (Anyone want to party at GTC?)
> Frankly, it's visible we still aren't the best performance on some
> codes.. Those issues basically fall into two camps and we're working
> on it.
> -----------
> Having said this..
> Would anyone build an AMD GPU cluster if
> 1) The GPU was 30-40% faster than a K40
> 2) It cost less
> 3) OpenACC/OpenMP4/CUDA programming models were high performance and
> supported
> 4) More oncard ram
> -----------
> The s9150 is a top end card and priced relatively in the same ballpark
> as the competition..
> Forgive me for sounding like a salesperson.
> If you don't need all the ram on the card - there's the w8100 (with
> fan on the card)  - $1050 on Newegg! (Why do I feel like an
> infomercial)
> I have 2x w8100 in a server for benchmarking and they are nice GPU.
> Not as fast as a K40, but beats other cards.
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